Selling your home? Hello Lucky One!

Currently in Las Vegas the real estate market inventory is at a record low compared to previous years, yet there is a surplus of buyers out there looking to buy a house. This is driving up property values by one Simple rule; the rule of supply and demand. Meaning when there is less supply and the demand is high, property values will increase. I personally believe that right now it is a good time for people to sell their property before even more people list their houses. More listings means more supply and can decrease the chances of people getting the most out of their houses.

1% listing Vs. Higher listing costs

Most agents justify a higher listing cost by saying that they offer more value. Not necessarily. It is not like old the times anymore. Modern technology has made listing a house easier than ever. You no longer have to take out costly newspaper and magazine ads. Nowadays most people search for properties online, so most agents will list your home through MLS (Multi Listing Services) and MLS fed websites like Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia. One quick upload and your house will be listed on all these websites, which is where the bulk of prospective buyers will be looking for properties. If this is the case. Why pay more if you can get an identical service with a broker that offers you a 1% listing.  Currently in Las Vegas the market is hot and is a sellers’ market, if your house is priced right and in good sellable condition then most likely your house will sell in short time. I see many houses listed over fair market value because they are trying to offset the high commission rates of some agents. If you list your house for 1%, while still receiving exceptional service, you can reduce your homes sale price and sell it faster or just keep your savings to yourself.  I like to give my clients this scenario: one of my favorite jackets that I own was originally priced at around 1000 dollars at Nordstrom.  I figured before I slapped down that kind of money I should shop around for a better deal.  I was able to find the same exact jacket at Nordstrom Rack for 200 dollars. Same coat, lower price. Does it make the quality of the coat any less because I saved 800 dollars? Absolutely not.  I believe it makes me a smart consum

Be Realistic

When you are getting ready to list your house be real. Yes, maybe you have done some repairs on your house or your house is the nicest on the block.  This should help you get a better price for your home then your neighbors, but this only goes so far. For example, let’s say a few houses sold a month ago on your block for $270K, but your house has nice new tile floors throughout. Likely this is not going to make a 30 or 40 thousand dollar difference in your home, and maybe potential buyers want wood flooring throughout not tiles. Now your tiles add little if any value to these buyers. Upgrades could help the value of the house but don’t fixate on modifications or upgrades that you made to your home too much.  Your best bet is to look at comparable houses in your neighborhood and make reasonable adjustments based on those.  After all it is going to be the appraisal that will determine how much money the bank is going to loan to the buyer. Your agent should be trained and very capable of assessing what fair market value for your house is. List your house at fair market value and you should have no trouble when it’s time for an appraisal.

No long term contract

I don’t push long term contracts with my clients. If you don’t like my service fire me. I can assure you I will be the one of the hardest working real estate agents you will find in Las Vegas. When you talk with me you will always get a real open and honest conversation, not some sales script. I am not claiming to know everything, but if I don’t know the answer I will work hard to find the answer for you. If you are ready to sell your house or just want to talk about your options, please call or text me anytime. I will give you a current market report as well as free estimate for your house.  There’s nothing to lose, even if you don’t hire me you can still keep your free market report and home estimate as a token of my appreciation for your time and consideration.